Similes & Metaphors (ENG)

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Similes & Metaphors

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The purpose of similes and metaphors is to make a piece of writing more interesting. This book, Similes & Metaphors, contains about 300 well-established similes and metaphors. They can add to the interest of learners’ compositions provided they are not overused. The book provides lots of useful language information. In addition, there are 10 passages showing similes and metaphors in context, as well as 10 sets of exercises and the answers. ‘What You Need to Know about’ is and open-ended series of ELT reference books on various aspects of English specially planned for intermediate learners who want to get to grips with English. Covering the most important topics of English, the series aims at helping foreign learners build a solid foundation for the learning of the language.

Similes & Metaphors (ENG)

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