Night Over Water (ENG)

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Night Over Water

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The Opulent Interior of the First-Airliner on a transatlantic flight from England to New York in war-darkened 1939 is the setting for Follett’s High-Flying caper, guaranteed to hold the reader in their seat… the master of epic suspense spins an excruciatingly taut drama, a whirlwind of romance and intrigue.. his best since Eye of the Needle. About the Author Ken Follett (born June 5, 1949) is a British author of thrillers and historical novels. He has sold a total of 100 million copies and has authored numerous bestselling works, such as The Key to Rebecca, Lie Down with Lions, A Dangerous Fortune, The Man from St. Petersburg and Eye of the Needle. He began writing fiction during evenings and weekends as a hobby. Success came gradually at first but the publication of Eye of the Needle in 1978 made him both wealthy and internationally famous. Each of Follett’s subsequent novels has also become a best-seller, ranking high on the New York Times best-seller lists, and a number have been adapted for the screen.

Night Over Water (ENG)

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