Chasing Embers (ENG)

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Chasing Embers

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Fans of Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher will revel in this fiery tale of adventure and modern-day mythology, from a stellar new talent
Behind every myth there is a spark of truth . . .
Theres nothing special about Ben Garston.
Or so hed have you believe. He wont tell you, for instance, that hes also known as Red Ben. Or that the world of myth and legend is more real than you think.
Because its his job to keep all that a secret.
But now a centuries-old rivalry has resurfaced, and the delicate balance between his world and ours is about to be shattered. Something is hiding in the heart of the city – and its about to be unleashed. A thrilling fusion of myth and modernity, Chasing Embers will have you cheering for dragons over humans and loving every minute of it – Kevin Hearne
Biographical Notes
James Bennett is a British writer born in Loughborough and raised in Sussex, South Africa and Cornwall. His travels have furnished him with an abiding love of different cultures, history and mythology. Hes had several short stories published internationally and Chasing Embers is his debut fantasy novel. James currently lives in west Wales and draws inspiration from long walks, deep forests and old stones . . . and also the odd bottle of wine.

Chasing Embers (ENG)

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Kód: D0338930
EAN: 9780356506647
ISBN: 978-0-356-50664-7
Nakladatel: Little Brown
Vazba: Brožovaná bez přebalu lesklá
Počet stran: 464
Rok vydání: 2016
Rozměry: 154,0×200,0x30mm
Váha: 312g
Jazyk: Anglicky
Kategorie: Společenské romány